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    Upcoming Events

Archimedes Acad   boys v Division III Manhattan/Bronx Bronx
Art and Design bulldogs boys v Division III Manhattan/Bronx Manhattan
Banneker spartans boys v Division I Bklyn/SI Brooklyn
Banneker spartans girls v Division 1 Brooklyn
Beacon blue demons girls v Division 3 Manhattan
Beacon blue demons boys v Division II Manhattan/Queens Manhattan
Bklyn Tech. engineers boys v Division I Bklyn/SI Brooklyn
Bklyn Tech. engineers girls v Division 1 Brooklyn
Bronx Science wolverines boys v Division III Manhattan/Bronx Bronx
Bronx Science   girls v Division 3 Bronx
Cardozo   girls v Division 4 Queens
Cardozo judges boys v Division IV Queens Queens
Francis Lewis patriots boys v Division IV Queens Queens
Francis Lewis   girls v Division 4 Queens
Frederick Doug.   girls v Division 3 Manhattan
Frederick Doug. lions boys v Division III Manhattan/Bronx Manhattan
HS of Teaching   boys v Division IV Queens Queens
HS of Teaching tiger's girls v Division 4 Queens
Hunter hawks boys v Division III Manhattan/Bronx Manhattan
Hunter hawks girls v Division 3 Manhattan
Info. Tech. blackhawks boys v Division II Manhattan/Queens Queens
Info. Tech. blackhawks girls v Division 2 Queens
Int. Studies @ CSI   girls v Division 1 Staten Island
Int. Studies @ CSI   boys v Division I Bklyn/SI Staten Island
Jamaica beavers boys v Division IV Queens Queens
John Jay Campus phoenix boys v Division II Manhattan/Queens Brooklyn
John Jay Campus   girls v Division 2 Brooklyn
L.I.C bulldogs boys v Division II Manhattan/Queens Queens
L.I.C bulldogs girls v Division 2 Queens
Laguardia lions girls v Division 3 Manhattan
Laguardia athletics boys v Division III Manhattan/Bronx Manhattan
Maspeth   girls v Division 4 Queens
Mckee Voc/Tech seagulls girls v Division 1 Staten Island
Mckee Voc/Tech seagulls boys v Division I Bklyn/SI Staten Island
NEST+M   girls v Division 2 Manhattan
NEST+M eagles boys v Division II Manhattan/Queens Manhattan
Petrides   boys v Division I Bklyn/SI Staten Island
R.F.K panthers boys v Division IV Queens Queens
Stuyvesant   boys v Division II Manhattan/Queens Manhattan
Stuyvesant vipers girls v Division 2 Manhattan
Tottenville pirates boys v Division I Bklyn/SI Staten Island
Tottenville   girls v Division 1 Staten Island
Townsend Harris hawks girls v Division 4 Queens
Townsend Harris hawks boys v Division IV Queens Queens